This editorial explores the relationship between oneself, the being and the body and seeks to expose the stereotypes imposed by society in order to overcome them and become what one truly desires.
How is our relationship with ourselves? Are we who we want to be? Do we listen to ourselves or do we give priority to what the other tells us? It's okay to feel, have emotions, explore them, and express them. They taught us to hide and avoid our emotions so we could be as society expects us to be, we have to break that barrier and the only way to do it is to be one. We have been taught to fit in, instead of being our true selves. This editorial invites us to feel and be with our own emotions, to question who we are and who we want to be. During the quarantine, we had a lot of time to be with ourselves, let's listen to us, get to know yourself. Be you.

The cover and back cover represent the human body and soul, to read the editorial is to open and let yourself feel, and get to know oneself. 

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Universidad de San Andrés - Design Contemporary art, media and expanded design - Self-portrait Professors: Jorge La Ferla, Mariel Szlifman, Gabriel Boschi and Ramiro Diaz.